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Here is an accumulation of Power Points, Presentations and e-Books beautifully given that will help you and that you can show to others to help them understand many important Bible subjects.

   Choice or Predestined - Do we have a choice as to
      whether we go to heaven or not?

   The Blood of Christ - The five places we meet the blood of

   Why Jesus Died - Why did Jesus have to die?  Couldn't 
      an all knowing and all wise God have figured out another
      way to save us?  For a heart-rending study, view this

   Muslims and Jesus - If God gives you the opportunity to
     witness to a Muslim, here is a Presentation that will help.

   2nd Coming of Christ - This presentation consists of two
      parts:  First, a chart and second a comprehensive
      overview of the return of Christ.

LOVE  Most Christians do not understand the two different types of love used in the Bible.  The rest of these  \presentations illustrate the love relationships in each catagory.
Love - Do This First
   God and Christ
   God and the World
   God and Christians
   Christians and the World
   Christians & Christians
   Husband and Wife
   Parents and Children

   Trust Bible - How do I know that we have the same Bible
      we have today as they had back 2,000 years ago?  This
      presentation will explain how we have exactly the same

   Seven Rules - There are "7" rules that must be used by
      anyone to rightly divide and accurately understand God's
      word, the Bible. 

   Philosophy - Philosophy proves God.

   Evidence of God - A study revealing facts about the
      existence of God.

   Is the Bible Inspired - Is the Bible really inspired by God?
      Check this out and find out the facts.

   What is the Bible??? - A one slide presentation all about
      the Bible.

   The Gospel - This is a presentation on the subject of the
      gospel and how it must be preached, believed, obeyed
      and false gospels.

   The Thief - This is a study on thief on the cross and his

   Infant Baptism - This is a study on whether babies need to
      be baptized to be saved.

   Is Baptism a Work - This is a thorough discussion on
      works and the two types of works found in the Bible.

   Baptism Challenge - This is a whole collection of e-books
      on the subject of salvation and includes many of the
      other presentations in this DVD.

   Baptism (Immersion) - This presentation includes a study
      on the three Greek words used in connection with water
      in the New Testament:  Sprinkling, pouring and

   One Baptism - There are eight baptisms mentioned in the
      New Testament.  We are also told in Ephesians 4:5,
      when the Apostle Paul wrote this letter in 63 A.D. that
      there was just "One" baptism.  This covers a thorough
      study on this subject.

   How to Worship - Isn't there only one way?  If you believe
      there is, perhaps it would be good for you to view this.

   TV - It will stop and make you think.

   Our Worship - It is an eye opener.

   Modesty - A study of the many, many scriptures on this

   Adornment - A good study for both females AND males.

   Hair - A study on what is long hair and what is short hair.

   Blind Sided - Look and SEE!

   Idolatry - A fascinating study on the subject of idolatry and
      why, to God, idolatry is so WICKED.
   The Church - This is a complete overview of the
      organization of the church.

   Google or God - This is a close look at five misunderstood
      words in the Bible.
   Problem of Evil - This is a very interesting PDF covering:

      How can their be a God with all this evil in the world?

      How can their be a loving God with all the pain and
         suffering in the world?

      How can a loving God send anyone to hell?

   Creation & Evolution -  A study from the Bible on the
      scriptures and what they reveal about time, space,
      matter and creation.
   Carbon 14 - A study that shows how Carbon 14 has been
      misused and how it shows we live on a young earth.
The Big Bang
- Did time, space and all matter come from a
   Singularity or did God create everything? 
   Predestination - Do we have a choice as to whether we go
      to heaven or hell.  This will help you decide.

Bible Answers
Bible Answers